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Antara Foundation Technical Advisory Group

We are guided by an eminent panel of public health experts from government, the development sector, and academic institutions of global repute. Our advisory group provides us valuable technical inputs on program design, implementation and evaluation to help us effectively achieve and measure our goals. We are thankful to the group for supporting us in our mission.

Prof. Ajay Mahal

Deputy Director - Nossal Institute for Global Health, University of Melbourne

Prof. Audrey Prost

Director - Centre for the Health of Women, Children and Adolescents, Institute for Global Health, University College London

Dr. Prasanta Tripathy

Co-founder and Director - Ekjut (Indian non-profit working with marginalised communities on maternal, newborn, child health and nutrition)

Dr. Purnima Menon

Senior Research Fellow - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI); theme leader for South Asia Nutrition Programs in IFPRI’s Poverty, Health, and Nutrition Division

Dr. Rajani Ved

Former Executive Director - National Health Systems Resource Centre (NHSRC), Government of India

Dr. Sapna Desai

Associate - Population Council of India; Co-lead - Evidence Consortium on Women’s Groups