Akshita (Madhya Pradesh)


Improving maternal and child health, nutrition in Madhya Pradesh



To improve maternal and child health and nutrition in Madhya Pradesh


Chhindwara (5 blocks), Vidisha (3 blocks)


Pregnant women, Mothers, Children, Eligible couples

Madhya Pradesh is one of India's largest states with over 50 districts. Its maternal and child health and nutrition outcomes however rank among the poorest in the country. We are committed to working closely with the state on these issues. The state also has a large tribal belt necessitating tailoring of interventions to suit the local context.

Initially, we will work in two districts - Chhindwara and Vidisha to scope out, implement, refine and build evidence for interventions. The objective of this program is to scale interventions across the state. Interventions will encompass supply and demand aspects.