Significance of Data in What We Do

Data is at the heart of what we do. We use data to strengthen every intervention to achieve scalable and sustainable impact. Our robust in-house monitoring system generates detailed information to enable data-driven decisions.

Real-time Data

We capture data to track program implementation activities in real-time. This data informs the program implementation approach and identifies focus areas

Leverage government data

We leverage government data to ensure sustained change and reduce redundancy.

Build a Scalable Model

Our monitoring system aligns with the existing public health service delivery system to ensure that our data and insights can be easily adopted and embedded within the health system. The readiness of this system for scaling up enhances its usability by the government.

Project Reach

Key Metrics


Number of districts


Number of villages


Number of pregnant women1


Number of lactating mothers2


Total no. of pregnant women & lactating mothers


Number of children under 5 years3


Number of AWWs, ASHAs and supervisors4

1HMIS 2019-20 ANC Reg | 2HMIS 19-20 live births + still births | 3ICDS Dec – 2021 | 4Block profiles

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