Integrated AAA App

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The solution

This unique smart solution links all three frontline workers (AAA). Though they serve the same community, they don’t team up naturally because of different supervisory systems, databases and work cultures. Further, they are expected to maintain numerous voluminous registers. They can improve effectiveness and efficiency by sharing data.

While some technology solutions for frontline workers exist, none bring them together. This app enables the AAA to utilise a common database, carry out their routine tasks with ease and maintain integrity of data. It also generates essential government reports, provides an online supervision dashboard and enables referrals.

Through all this, the workers can focus on their primary responsibility of delivering care, aided by data.

Integrated App
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After successful field testing in three districts of Rajasthan, the Hon. Chief Minister, Smt. Vasundhara Raje, announced that it would be scaled up. Rollout has commenced in Jhalawar district

ANM shares her thoughts on the app

Anganwadi worker experimenting with voice recognition :)