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Jagori Kishori

Adolescent Girls Program

We work with adolescent girls to mobilize community demand for health services. Participants are trained on maternal and child health issues. They then visit beneficiaries’ houses and reiterate key messages. Pilots of the intervention in Rajasthan have showed encouraging results.

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Nurse Mentoring

Nurse Mentoring

Each Community Health Centre (CHC) caters to approximately eighty thousand people. Our nurse mentors work to ensure that labour room facilities and personnel at high case-load delivery points are well-equipped to handle deliveries. There are two sub-components:

Facility enhancement: Labour room organisation, ensuring availability of essential drugs and equipment and proper display of posters and educational material.
Skill building: Observation and training of nursing staff to enable them to enhance their skills.

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Stanford Partnership

Stanford Partnership

Our program in Rajasthan, Akshada, was instrumental in bringing Stanford Medical College and Government of Rajasthan together through an MoU. This was a first of its kind partnership for Stanford Medical where it worked with grassroots frontline workers and medical students. Stanford provided its Digital MEdIC products to frontline workers and many of its medical courses to students of Jhalawar Medical College to increase their knowledge and skills.

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Community Group Meetings

Demand generation through community group meetings

The overall objective of this intervention is to generate awareness, knowledge and positive health seeking behaviour through community group meetings. The intervention involves a participatory learning and action cycle of 15 to 20 meetings during which women’s groups (open to other community members) meet and discuss problems, issues and possible solutions related to health and nutrition issues.



Poor nutrition is an underlying cause for over 50% of the deaths among children under age five. Undernourished children grow to become undernourished adults who have poor work capacity, hence affecting their earnings and keeping them in a poverty trap. We established the creches intervention to tackle the high rates of malnutrition. The intervention targets the formative years of life, providing children an environment where they gain from good health and nutrition practices, along with holistic early childhood care.

Mobility Solution

Mobility Solution

Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) typically serve a population of five thousand across few villages. Some of them have to travel to inaccessible areas. To ease their burden and improve efficiency, six ANMs were provided with scooties in December 2015. The event was presided over by the Hon. Chief Minister, Smt. Vasundhara Raje.

Nutrition Salience

Nutrition salience: Ayana

As part of the Ayana program in Rajasthan, we worked to raise saliency for nutrition in Rajasthan with our program partner Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). Activities such as nutrition briefing packs, a symposium, a CSR summit and media capacity building were conducted between the period of February 2016 and August 2017.

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