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Published on May 29, 2024 |

The first 1,000 days between conception and the child’s second birthday are crucial for the health and well-being of the mother and child, with the period often referred as ‘the golden 1000 days.’ A crucial and vulnerable period, this phase carries with it a significant risk of maternal and child mortality and morbidity. Proper health and nutrition practices in this golden period not only impact survival, but have a profound impact on the child’s cognitive and physical growth.
The Antara Foundation’s interventions focus on zeroing down on the neediest mothers and children across this golden period, and ensure full service delivery to them – from timely identification to proper management at the village or facility-level, to adequate follow-ups. We work closely with and through the government, and in close collaboration with communities to design and implement the solutions. Our vision is to ensure “every mother and each child has an equal start to a healthy life”.
Through this visual series, we discuss the importance of different stages along the ‘golden 1000-day period’, along with examples of impact stories from our interventions.

Explore the different stages along the 1,000 days

Simple healthcare practices like regular antenatal check-ups, vaccinations and good nutrition across the 9-month pregnancy period are vital for the mother’s and child’s health.

Our interventions ensure timely identification and management of the highest-risk mothers and children. Watch Sarita’s story to learn how AAA Platform enables this.

Stage 2: BIRTH + 48 Hours
Well-trained birthing nurses and properly managed labor rooms are essential to ensure the survival and good health of the mother and child.

Our nurse mentoring intervention ensures safe deliveries through comprehensive classroom and on-site training to government birthing nurses. Watch Heera Bai’s story to learn more.

Timely follow-ups and proper care for the newborn and the mother in the first four weeks post-delivery are critical.

Our interventions teach frontline workers essential maternal, child health and nutrition concepts across the 1,000 days. Watch this impact story on how frontline workers ensured good health of Digeshwary’s low birth weight twins.

Proper healthcare and nutrition till age-2, and beyond, are critical for the child’s physical growth and mental development.

Watch an impact story on how frontline workers identified a child with severe acute malnutrition using our AAA intervention, and took appropriate measures for her treatment.

“The best solutions to complex problems often come from those closest to the issues.”