At The Antara Foundation (TAF), we believe there are known solutions to most problems in public health delivery in India. The real challenge is the delivery of these solutions at scale.

Since its inception in 2013, TAF programs have been running in three states of India – Rajasthan (2015), Chhattisgarh (2019) and Madhya Pradesh (2019). Our approach when we begin operations in a new state is to initially run our interventions in a few focus districts and aim to scale throughout the state thereafter. This allows us to garner feedback, tailor interventions to the specific state context, and test for potential impact.

The Antara Foundation

  • Ashok Alexander sets up
    The Antara Foundation

    drawing lessons on scale
    from business and his
    experience in Avahan.


  • MoU signed with the Government of Rajasthan and Tata Trusts to begin working in Rajasthan.

    Started work in 2 districts in Rajasthan (Jhalawar, Baran).

    Established our flagship interventions AAA Platform, Rationalization of registers, and Nurse Mentoring, along with various other pilots to improve the state of maternal and child health service delivery.


  • Developed and piloted a cutting-edge integrated AAA app, as a digital version of the AAA platform, to further improve data use and quality, and efficiency of the three frontline workers.

    The Chief Minister of Rajasthan launches the AAA platform across the state under the name ‘Rajsangam’.


  • AAA platform was completely scaled up across Rajasthan’s 46000+ villages, and handed over to the state government.

    Program launched in 1 district in Madhya Pradesh and piloted in 2 blocks in Chhattisgarh.

    Our health system strengthening interventions expand to include capacity building of frontline workers and coaching of government supervisors in addition to our existing suite of flagship solutions.


  • Our footprint expands to 2 districts in Madhya Pradesh.

    Our data capture tool for ASHA workers, called ASHA Diary gets scaled across the state of Madhya Pradesh.


  • Our pilot in Chhattisgarh is concluded.

    Our footprint expands to 5 districts in Madhya Pradesh.

    We support the state government in COVID relief efforts.


  • Our footprint reaches 8 districts in Madhya Pradesh.

    Our scope of interventions evolves from a pure health system strengthening program to include community mobilization as a crucial pillar of our implementation model.

    We win ‘CSR Project of the Year award for our program in Chhindwara district.


TAF Impact Numbers:


Number of districts
Number of villages

Number of pregnant women
(HMIS 2019-20 ANC Reg)
Number of lactating mothers
(HMIS 2019-20 ANC Reg)

Total no. of pregnant women & lactating mothers

Number of children under 5 years
Number of FLWs





“The best solutions to complex problems often come from those closest to the issues.”