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Bijayalaxmi Panda

Published on May 29, 2024 |

Bijayalaxmi Panda, a development professional with 14 years of experience, has worked in various states including Delhi, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. Her expertise spans research, advocacy (media and research-policy advocacy), partnership and strategic management, and community engagement in maternal-child, adolescent health, and nutrition. With two graduate degrees in Social Work and Population Studies, as well as a Ph.D. in Social Work focused on Community Engagement and Policy Influencing, Bijayalaxmi is well-versed in her field. She also holds a post-graduate diploma in Development, Urban Planning and Development, Disaster Management, and Health and Nutrition. With approximately 40 publications in reputable journals, books, policy papers, and position papers, Bijayalaxmi has covered a range of topics including budget analysis, nutrition financing, PRIs engagement, media as development partners, elderly care, POSHAN programs, and maternal, child, adolescent, and child nutrition.

In her personal life, Bijayalaxmi finds fulfillment in continuous learning, writing, practicing yoga and meditation, dancing, and cooking. She values her alone time and cherishes quality moments with her family.

Side note: Start the music and see her dance with mixed expressions of happiness, anger, sadness, and love as per the situation.

“The best solutions to complex problems often come from those closest to the issues.”