The Antara Foundation

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Public health delivery at scale”

The Antara Foundation

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Delivering public health solutions at scale


Maternal and child health, Nutrition


A young entrepreneurial team passionate about making a huge difference to some of India's worst health outcomes, backed by cross-sectoral experience


Building capacity of front line workers, driving community demand and creating an enabling ecosystem

Where and when:

Rajasthan, since March 2015

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Beside service providers. By the community. With the Government. In the field. At scale.

Our Thinking

Ashok Alexander started Antara Foundation, drawing on his experience of leading the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Avahan, the world's largest HIV prevention program. His founding belief is that solutions to public health problem are well known. The missing ingredient in public health delivery is scale.

Our Work

To achieve scale, we work on three sets of factors:

  1. Demand side: Getting the community to demand public health services
  2. Supply Side: Building frontline effectiveness, leveraging data and technology
  3. Enabling ecosystem: Establishing collaborative relationships with Government and other stakeholders

These factors inform the design and implementation of our programs in Rajasthan: Akshada, Ayana and Aayushi 

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Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition - Walking the walk, talking the talk.

Our Supporters

We are mentored by Arjun Malhotra, Shiv Nadar and Bill Gates who actively guide and support our work. Our programs are sponsored by Tata Trusts, Bajaj Auto and the Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF).

Our People

WE are a youngdiverse and entrepreneurial group. 

WE share a vision of public health delivery at scale.

WE are grateful for the opportunity to serve.

WE actively solicit feedback and are driven by it

WE have dirt under our fingernails

WE apply business thinking to social problems

WE do serious work.

WE do not take ourselves too seriously.

WE are The Antara Foundation. 

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